But she’s burnt some bridges too, like some of the other candidates. That’s 4 if you count Warren as officially in – Warren, Gillibrand, Castro and Gabbard. It’s going to be a lot before we’re through.

Via Buzzfeed:

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on Saturday signaled to group of about 20 influential women that she will run for president, according to a person familiar with the meeting.

Gillibrand made her intentions clear, said the source, who asked not to be identified to speak about the event. Gillibrand said that she needed their help if they would offer it to her. The closed-door gathering was attended by the feminist Gloria Steinem, the source said. A second source reached by BuzzFeed News confirmed the meeting took place but would not elaborate on what was said.

The multiracial and multi-generational group came from the worlds of art, academia, business, tech, and literature, according to the source.

Although Gillibrand is not the only woman likely to run for president, she is the candidate whose campaign will most focus on gender. The New York senator’s signature issues have been women’s issues, such as how military sexual assault is prosecuted and #MeToo in politics; her outside group focuses on funding female candidates for office, something on display as a record number of women ran in 2018, when Gillibrand, too, was re-elected in New York.

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