James Comey himself said there wasn’t anything to suggest that Trump was involved in anything or that there was any collusion before he was fired. So to open an investigation only after he was fired is sketchy in the extreme and reeks of retaliation against not only a private citizen, but the President of the United States.

And their excuses beyond the firing are debunked fake news stories – that Trump told Russia to hack Hillary’s emails (false, he was referencing the emails that Hillary destroyed that were under subpoena that everyone was wondering about) and joking that Russia would probably be able to find them because Hillary had left everything on an unsecured server. You can’t hack what she already had destroyed.

And the other claim was that the supposedly the GOP had softened their platform against Russia which wasn’t true.

If those false stories are sufficient, then where was the investigation when Barack Obama assured “flexibility” to Vladimir Putin in that conversation with Dimitri Medvedev?

Meanwhile they didn’t see any problem trying to justify the rest of their investigation of Trump team members with information paid for by Democrats and the Clinton team, which in and of itself should be a huge scandal.

Of course no information of any collusion has been found.

And one more thing to add to this story. Michael Schmidt, the person who just wrote the New York Times story and is spinning this information was the same man who James Comey leaked to when he was trying to manipulate the situation to get a special prosecutor in the wake of his firing, again trying to improperly manipulate the situation to get at the man who fired him.

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