Kudos to the students that defended the teacher.

Via Daily Mail:

A Detroit high school student was caught on video punching and kicking a substitute teacher because she reported him for having drugs.

Cell phone video from Thursday shows the 63-year-old substitute teacher at Cody High School knocked to the ground after the 14-year-old student allegedly walked into her classroom and began punching her, FOX 2 reports.

‘I was doing my work and I just looked up and she was on the floor shaking and stuff,’ student Keiontay Nelson told the station about the attack during his math class. ‘Like her head was messed up.’

Nelson and his fellow students Brandon Antisdel and John O’Neal intervened, angered by the assault they were witnessing.

‘My friend Keiontay and my man John, we all felt offended by it because that’s somebody’s grandmother,’ Antisdel said. ‘So he ran out and we chased him down.’

In juvenile court today, it was revealed that the teen attacker had tested positive for marijuana just after he was arrested.

‘Somebody told me they should have just hold him, subdued him, but you never know what happens, you can’t tell what’s going to happen in that situation,’ the father of the 14-year-old attacker told WXYZ News. ‘Like I said, he was high.’

The boy’s father, identified only as Theo G., said that the substitute teacher had reported his son for possessing marijuana on Wednesday.

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