Via Fox News:

Jayme Closs may have found the perfect person to help her when she suddenly emerged Thursday after being missing for three months.

Jeanne Nutter, the dog walker who first spotted Closs, the Wisconsin 13-year-old who had vanished after her parents were murdered in the family’s home last year — is a retired social worker who spent years working in child protective services.

Nutter told reporters Friday that she was with her golden retriever Henry when they suddenly ran into Closs, who appeared dirty and thin, with matted hair and wearing shoes that were too big for her.

“I’m glad my dog wanted to go for a walk and we did — and there she was,” Nutter said, referring to Closs. “My goal was to get her to a safe place and I did. The police were amazing.”

Nutter then described her first few moments with the girl for whom authorities and volunteers had been searching.

“I went to her and she just sort of grabbed onto me and she told me who she was. I’ve been a social worker my whole life. I was in child protection [services], so I believe my CPS personality just turned on,” Nutter told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Friday.

Nutter works as an adviser to the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s social work program. She lives with her husband in Eau Claire, Wis., about 110 miles north from where she spotted Closs. The couple own a cabin in Gordon and had arrived Thursday to stay for a few days.

Closs encountered Nutter near the town of Gordon and said she was lost.

“She told me who she was. And then that’s when I said ‘This child needs to be someplace safe and you need to get her there,’” Nutter told reporters. “I stayed calm so she stayed calm.”

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