Pelosi not only called it a manufactured crisis, she specifically called the deaths of Ronil Singh and the two migrant children “plural anecdote” not data.

Via Daily Caller:

Angel parents D.J. and Wendy Corcoran joined Laura Ingraham on Thursday evening to discuss the death of their son Pierce — allegedly at the hands of an illegal immigrant — and the fact that Democrats and multiple media outlets repeatedly refer to the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border as a “manufactured crisis.”

Ingraham began the segment Thursday by asking D.J. Corcoran, spokesman for the Knoxville Fire Department, how he felt about the way victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants were being addressed.

“It really ticks me off, when I see Pelosi acting like a 3-year-old and saying that it’s fabricated,” Corcoran began. “Ms. Pelosi, this is our son, this is Pierce Corcoran. He is dead. His death is real. His death is real. It’s not fabricated. He died at the hands of an illegal immigrant. We’re upset about that. We feel that the government owes the American people better than what we’re getting right now. And it really just upsets us when we hear you saying that, basically, that it doesn’t matter. Well, it matters to us.”

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