He apparently doesn’t get that that Democrat FDR was the one who put Japanese-Americans in the camps. And no, they didn’t put random Asian people in the camps. But good on Johnson for calling out the Democrats’ racism.

Via Free Beacon:

Rep. Hank Johnson (D., Ga.) on Tuesday compared President Donald Trump’s travel ban to Japanese internment in World War II and used the word “orientals” while describing how authorities mistreated them.

Johnson, who gained notoriety for once expressing concern about U.S. military personnel capsizing the island of Guam, used the archaic term for Asian people at an NAACP event in Atlanta. He was attacking the Supreme Court for allowing President Franklin D. Roosevelt to take executive action to intern the Japanese in its Korematsu v. United States decision. Johnson said 1940s authorities would have had the latitude to intern any “orientals” they thought looked Japanese.

“Can you imagine how they decided who was Japanese and who was not?” he asked. “They probably put all the oriental people in internment, whether or not you were from China or Thailand. They all look the same, right?”

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