Trump is holding tough.

Via Washington Times:

Democratic leaders emerged from a White House meeting Wednesday to say they’ll plow ahead with spending bills this week that have already been rejected by the GOP, signaling that a change in Congress doesn’t mean a quick end to the government shutdown.

Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi led a contingent of her party to the Situation Room at the White House where they were to receive a briefing on the need for a border wall.

But the conversation quickly devolved into political sniping, according to attendees, with no substantive discussion of a deal on President Trump’s demand for $5 billion in border wall money.

Democrats say they won’t negotiate until the 25 percent of government that lost funding on Dec. 22 is restored. They will offer a plan Thursday that would fund eight of the nine shuttered departments for all of 2019, and fund Homeland Security through Feb. 8.

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