Good guy with a gun delivers the taxpayer relief shot.

Via Wichita Eagle:

The suspect in an armed robbery who was shot in the head by a customer at a south Wichita gas station died at the hospital, police said.

Wichita police did not identify the person who was killed, but said in a Saturday news release that he was a 16-year-old male. The customer who shot him has not been arrested.

Police have not said whether the 16-year-old was armed when he was shot. The man who shot him was robbed before he opened fire, Lt. Chris Halloran said. It’s unclear how many shots he fired.

Those details are expected to emerge from a full investigation, police said. Twenty-four hours after the shooting, the store remained closed as detectives worked to piece together evidence at the crime scene — of both the robbery and the shooting.

Here’s what police have said so far: Around 2:45 p.m. on Friday, police were called to a shooting at B and H Fast Trips, 2796 S. Seneca, a gas station and convenience store near 26th and Seneca in south Wichita. Four people had “entered the store, pointed handguns at an employee and customers, and demanded money,” Wichita police said in a news release.

The robbers took money and cigarettes, police said.

The 16-year-old was shot by a 42-year-old male customer who pulled his gun and fired multiple shots at the alleged robbers. The other three suspects fled the store, police said.

Wichita police think this robbery is related to an earlier robbery just after noon on Friday at the Family Dollar Store, 936 S. Woodlawn, the release said. Three robbers in that case held up an employee at gunpoint and took money and cigarettes.

This was Wichita’s 44th homicide of 2018 and potentially the ninth stand-your-ground killing of the year, depending on the findings of an ongoing police investigation and a decision by the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office whether the use of force was reasonable.

Before Kansas’ stand-your-ground law passed in 2007, if there was an opportunity to escape violence, or a chance to retreat, a person had to make that the first option before using force.

That’s no longer the case. Kansas is one of many states where citizens have no legal duty to retreat from an attacker in any place where they are lawfully present. A killing is justifiable in Kansas when a person “reasonably believes” that the use of deadly force is “necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm” to that person or a third party.

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