Thanks, California, this is what you’ve given us.

Via Daily Wire:

A twice-deported illegal immigrant who was protected by California’s “sanctuary state” policies, which prevent law enforcement from holding criminal illegal immigrants requested by ICE, died Monday after going on a 24-hour “personal reign of terror” in which he killed a man, wounded several, robbed a store, carjacked a vehicle, and forced police to pursue him in a dangerous high-speed chase after engaging in a shootout with law enforcement.

Gustavo Garcia, 36, had a lengthy criminal record dating back to 2002. Along with his presence in the country illegally — for which he was deported twice, once in 2004 and again in 2014 — Garcia has faced drug and illegal weapons charges, serving 27 months in federal prison. Before his second deportation, Garcia also had three ICE violations, Fox News reports.

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