And this is why they are not trusted.

Via Twitchy:

Remember FBI texting pals Peter Strzok and Lisa Page? Well, the OIG is out with a new report pertaining to their mobile devices, and it contains some pretty interesting information:

According to the report, the Special Counsel’s Office issued iPhones to both Page and Strzok in late May 2017 and early June 2017, respectively. And while Page left the SCO on July 15, 2017, the Justice Management Division was unable to locate her iPhone until September 2018. After examining the device, the OIG found that it had been reset to factory settings on July 31, 2017. As for Strzok, he completed his SCO Exit Clearance Certificate on August 11, 2017. The SCO Records Officer who reviewed his phone the following month made a note in her log that Strzok’s phone contained “no substantive texts, notes or reminders.” When OIG received Strzok’s phone in late January 2018, they found that his phone had been reconfigured for a new user — by resetting it to factory settings.

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