He went on the wrong block.

Via Chicago Sun Times:

In an incident captured on video, a man was shot while volunteering for an aldermanic campaign Sunday afternoon in the West Englewood neighborhood.

Maxwell Little, 32, was handing out flyers in support of 15th Ward aldermanic candidate Joseph Williams when shots rang out at 1:46 p.m. in the 6600 block of South Marshfield, according to Williams and Chicago police.

In the video posted to Facebook, Little can be heard urging residents of the neighborhood to support Williams before gunshots are heard and the video cuts out.

After the shooting, Little posted a status on Facebook that said, “Whoever tried to kill me failed. My political views will not change no matter what.”[..]

According to police, a shooter wearing a red mask fired the shots.

Williams said no one from his campaign saw a shooter.

In a statement Sunday afternoon, 15th Ward Alderman Raymond Lopez called the shooting “the same type of mindless gun violence we have seen in other neighborhoods,” and said gun violence in the area “must be confronted and addressed directly and without excuses.”

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