Via Daily Mail:

Nick Ayers, Vice President Mike Pence’s current chief of staff, will not be President Donald Trump’s new chief of staff in the wake of John Kelly’s departure, it was revealed on Sunday.

Ayers, who was a top contender for the gig, and the president were unable to agree on a time frame for the position.

Trump wanted Ayers to commit to two years – taking him through the 2020 presidential election – The Wall Street Journal reported, but Ayers wanted a shorter time frame, citing family concerns.

The president is expected to name his new chief of staff this week.

White House sources told CBS News that Trump and Ayers have been talking about the details for the appointment.

Trump wants his next chief of staff to hold the position through the 2020 election, which sources said could be an issue for 36-year-old Ayers.

A father of triplets, it has long been known that Ayers wants to leave the Trump administration and move his family back to Georgia by the end of the year.

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