The investigation is a hit job against Trump.

Via Daily Caller:

Liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz responded to Friday’s news of court filings in the case against former Trump attorney Michael Cohen by calling it a “coming attraction” to the Mueller report results.

The Harvard law professor told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Friday that, while the report will likely make “a circumstantial case for arguably political sins,” he does not “see any crimes.”

“Well it would only be criminal if for example — this is a hypothetical — the campaign or President Trump or somebody in his behalf offered Putin a penthouse apartment at the top of the tower in exchange for getting a permit to build the tower,” Dershowitz told Carlson. “That would be arguably criminal under the federal corrupt practices acts.”

“Short of that, it’s very, very hard to see this,” he continued. “I think what we’re seeing is a coming attraction to what the report will be, and I think the report will set out a circumstantial case based on all the lying that’s taking place, a circumstantial case for arguably political sins, but I don’t see any crimes.”

Dershowitz then detailed the “sins,” like “collusion” and “using information given by Russia to Wikileaks” that are not actually crimes, but will be in the report to smear President Trump.

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