This only makes sense if you’re going to get the DOJ to stop obstructing and make him actually answer the questions.

Via Fox News:

Former FBI Director James Comey said he will return for more questioning on Capitol Hill later this month, as President Trump ripped into him for apparently declining to answer certain questions on the advice of his attorneys during Friday’s closed-door session.

Comey, who spent Friday testifying before House lawmakers, told reporters his return visit will likely come the “week after next.”

Fox News is told the second session with Comey could come Dec. 17. He repeated his desire for the testimony to be in an “open setting,” but said he would testify in private, as desired by House Republicans.

A key focus of questioning from lawmakers, Fox News is told, was Comey’s decision to draft the 2016 statement recommending against filing criminal charges in the Clinton email probe before the former secretary of state was even interviewed, as well as the alleged political bias demonstrated in a slew of text messages and leaks by top FBI officials.

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