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Seventy-seven years after the Japanese launched an infamous surprise assault on Pearl Harbor, members of the US military who died in attack are finally being laid to rest.

On December 7, 1941, a fleet of Japanese fighter pilots descended on the US Naval base in Hawaii, and in less than two hours, 2,400 Americans had been killed in the devastating attack.

The tragedy at Pearl Harbor would mark the beginning of the US’ involvement in the Second World War, but only now, nearly eight decades on, are some of the families bereaved by disaster set to receive closure.

In 2015, the Defense Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Accounting Agency exhumed nearly 400 sets of remains from the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Hawaii, after determining advances in forensic science and genealogical help from families could make identifications possible.

All of the remains examined were found on the USS Oklahoma, which capsized during the attack, and had been buried as unknowns after the war.

Altogether, 429 sailors and Marines on the Oklahoma were killed and, only 35 of them were identified in the years immediately after the attack.

The Oklahoma had the second-most casualties of the Pearl Harbor attack, with only the USS Arizona suffering more, losing 1,177 men.

As of earlier this month, the agency has identified 186 sailors and Marines from the Oklahoma who were previously unidentified.

Slowly, the remains are being sent to be reburied in places like Traer, Iowa, and Ontanogan, Michigan.

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