Via Alarabiya:

A raid by Afghani Taliban on Ghazni region in central of the country last November, forced Afghani boy Murtaza Ahmadi – who became an internet sensation wearing a number ten shirt made out of a plastic bag of his hero Argentinian Lionel Messi – and his family to flee to another region after receiving many threats from Taliban, because of the western media coverage about the young boy.

A few years ago, Murtaza Ahmadi, 5, became an overnight viral star after pictures of him wearing an improvised Lionel Messi shirt made out of plastic were shared across social media.

Then in 2016, Murtaza Ahmadi travelled with his family from Taliban-infested eastern Ghazni province to Kabul to receive the gifts sent by Messi through UNICEF, where he is a goodwill ambassador.

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