No one ever mistook Antifa for intelligent people.

Via Daily Wire:

“Nazi go home! Nazi go home!” a woman led a crowd into chanting at me as I was cornered against a barrier. A line of police officers stood watching a few feet away. Aiming a bullhorn at my face, the woman continued screaming while others pushed me.

Why did I receive this welcome in downtown Seattle? Because I dared to take a camera into an Antifa protest.

Last Saturday, around 150 left-wing activists mobilized outside Seattle City Hall to counter a similarly-sized event organized by the Washington State Three Percent, a conservative group that describes itself as constitutionalist. The counter-protest brought together a coalition of socialists, communists, and anarchists. They call themselves “Antifa,” or anti-fascist, in spite of their thuggish street behavior often directed at the innocent public. Some of them were dressed in black and wore masks, a tactic called “black bloc” designed to make it easier to remain anonymous while engaging in criminal activity.

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