These folks are ill. Even when it’s not about Trump, they’ll find a way to make it about their obsession. They make money for making it be about Trump so even when it isn’t they can’t stop.

Via Free Beacon:

A panel on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” engaged in a bizarre bit of logic on Wednesday while covering the funeral of former President George H. W. Bush in Washington, D.C., declaring in the same segment that the posthumous praise of Bush was an implicit rebuke of President Donald Trump, that Trump probably took it as criticism because of his narcissism, and that it was wrong for Trump to think everything was about him—before saying that the funeral was not about Trump.

Aside from eulogizing the 41st president, who died on Friday, much of the cable news chatter on Wednesday centered on Trump’s presence at the funeral in spite of his icy history with the Bushes; Trump blasted Jeb Bush on the campaign trail as “low energy” when they competed for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination and also criticized George W. Bush for the Iraq War as he took on the anti-establishment mantle. In addition, much hay was made of Trump’s interactions, or lack thereof, with the former U.S. presidents and first ladies seated in his aisle, including his foe in the 2016 general election, Hillary Clinton.

Trump, however, received praise in some corners for his warm words throughout the week for the Bush family, enjoying a low bar given his usually abrasive personality and how he reacted to the death of former rival Sen. John McCain.

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