Both NARAL and Rep. Joseph Kennedy spread the falsehood that proposed changes from the Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos would require schools to allow the accused to cross-examine their alleged victims of sexual assault. NARAL tweeted the lie out to their 107,000+ followers, then Kennedy tweeted it out to his 700,000 followers.

But the article NARAL cited doesn’t say that at all.

Here’s what the reported change says:

So yes, it’s protecting the accused due process rights which are in many colleges not being protected now. But it is not giving the right or requiring schools to have the accused personally cross-examine the alleged victim, as NARAL and Kennedy claimed. Indeed, it says that when the alleged victim is questioned the accused can’t even be in the same room.

So either NARAL and Kennedy don’t know how to read or they are knowingly spreading false information.

And this again targets Sec. Betsy DeVos who is already under protection because of the threats from crazy leftists. So spreading more falsehoods like this is inciting people against her.

Both NARAL and Kennedy have been informed that their claims are false. They have not yet deleted their tweets.