He had been criticized for sending ‘youngsters’ to detention.

Via Daily Mail:

A juvenile judge in Houston stunned everyone in his courtroom when he unceremoniously freed as many as a dozen young suspects who appeared before him the day after he lost reelection to a Democrat.

Judge Glenn Devlin, who is known for sending youths to detention in droves, simply asked whether or not they planned to kill anyone before turning them loose.

Public defenders said he complained ‘that’s what the voters want’ as he indiscriminately let defendants go, seemingly implying that the newly elected Democratic judges would be lenient towards criminals.

The youths were facing various charges, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies stemming from violent crimes. At least four of them were facing counts of aggravated robbery.

All of the cases came before Devlin’s bench on Wednesday, the day after the midterm elections, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Democrats swept the benches of Republican justices in Houston on Tuesday night, seizing control of 59 posts, including Devlin’s.

After setting the juveniles free, Devlin rescheduled all of the cases for January 4, when his replacement will have taken the bench.

Public defender Steven Halpert quoted Devlin as telling his juvenile client accused of aggravated robbery, as well as others: ‘”If I release you, are you going to go out and kill anybody?”‘

Each of the defendants said ‘No’ and was released on the spot.

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