What happened to support the woman?

Actually, it’s White House property, the minute Acosta no longer had permission to have the mic and refused to give it back, technically it could be considered theft. And if one argued he used force in the process, although slight, that’s robbery. How about just admitting what he did was inappropriate and wrong and put the young intern in a bad position?

Via Daily Caller:

Sunny Hostin said that the female aide at the White House committed “battery” against CNN’s Jim Acosta during President Donald Trump’s press conference Wednesday.

The comments came during a discussion Thursday on “The View” over Acosta getting his WH credentials revoked over what Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called “inappropriate touching” on the aide.

Meghan McCain said that it was “100-percent” inappropriate for the CNN reporter to have “pushed” the aide’s arm away. Joy Behar, however, argued that the aide “shouldn’t have touched” Acosta.

“He’s blocking her, he’s not actually … he’s blocking her,” Whoopi Goldberg responded as video of the incident from the presser played.

“Well, she shouldn’t have touched him, maybe,“ Behar interjected.

McCain then asked the ladies if the situation were reversed and it was a “[Barack] Obama press conference and a Daily Caller reporter doing this, I think there are a lot of people on the Left that would be saying that it’s inappropriate for them to be acting that way.”

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