They don’t have any right to get it without a reason. Obama stonewalled on actual scandals not just fishing expeditions. Apply Obama precedent, he never turned anything over.

Via Daily Wire:

Democrats had barely wrested control of the House Tuesday night when they demanded President Donald Trump turn over his tax returns. Wednesday morning, Democrats declared that investigating Trump’s personal financial records would be the first item on their agenda come January.

Democratic Representative Richard Neal (MA) told MSNBC Tuesday night that he plans on using his newfound power as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee to force the President to turn over his tax returns, and that he’ll subpoena the records if necessary.

Neal declared his intentions back in October, Newsweek reports, and claimed then that he could use an obscure 1924 provision in the United States tax code, that allows the Ways and Means Committee to view any American’s tax returns upon request, to obtain Trump’s records straight from the IRS (though he’d prefer it if the President simply complied with his wishes).

“I think we would all be comfortable if this was done on a voluntary basis,” Neal said. “If they would resist the overture then I think you could probably see a long and grinding court case.”

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