One way or another they will get their minds right. Update to this story.

Via The College Fix:

Here we go again: Members of the College of Charleston softball will have to endure “diversity and inclusion” training after they donned “racially insensitive” Halloween costumes.

Three students dressed up as “Hispanics with mustaches and cowboy hats” and two others as Border Patrol agents according to WCSC-5.

Outraged ensued after a picture of the quintet was posted on Twitter (since taken down).

The group actually won second prize in an “informal” costume contest.

“I just think it’s incredibly inappropriate and tone deaf especially in the political climate that we’re in right now,“ student Caliyah Parker said. “People voted for this, like people thought that this was funny and acceptable, and it deserved recognition.”

CoC President Steve Osborne issued a statement in response noting the “poor decision-making” by the team members “causes harm on our campus and in the greater community.”

Osbourne directed the Campus Climate Education Team to hold “open office hours” so students could stop by to “discuss their feelings on this incident.”

He added “now comes the hard part: where we put action to words and make meaningful change” and said the offenders will be forced into diversity and inclusion training next week.

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