Should have taken first place.


The College of Charleston’s Softball team is facing backlash over what the school is calling “racially insensitive” Halloween costumes.

The team posted a photo on Twitter depicting depicted three students as Hispanics with mustaches and cowboy hats, and two other students as border patrol agents. The photo was posted early Wednesday morning. It was later deleted, but some students are saying it should’ve never been posted in the first place.

“I just think it’s incredibly inappropriate and tone deaf especially in the political climate that we’re in right now,“ CofC student Caliyah Parker said.

The school said the costumes were part of an informal contest held. The picture shows the students dressed up with the caption, “2nd place goes to…Team Hispanics and Border Patrol,” which made it worse in the eyes of the students.

“People voted for this, like people thought that this was funny and acceptable, and it deserved recognition,” Parker said.

The College of Charleston issued a statement to us that said, in part, “Some of the students’ costume choices were offensive and racially insensitive and run counter to our university’s core values of respect for the individual, diversity and community.”

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