Regime change courtesy of Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Via Daily Mail:

So bloody and extensive is President Putin’s record of aggression, not least in Syria and Ukraine, that an incursion into the empty deserts of North Africa might hardly seem worth noting.

Yet the discovery that Russia is moving troops and missiles into war-torn Libya has rightly caused alarms to sound throughout the capitals of Europe.

It is a step of huge significance, and one with potentially disastrous results for Western nations.

Libya has both oil and Mediterranean ports, and Russia is hungry for both – cause enough for concern, perhaps.

Yet the real fear for European governments is this: Libya, with its porous southern borders, has become the main jumping-off point for the hundreds of thousands of African migrants now seeking to cross the Mediterranean to the shores of the EU and, in particular, Italy.[…]

Now, by establishing military bases in the port cities of Tobruk and Benghazi, Putin has raised the nightmare prospect that Moscow could soon take control of that migrant flow, turning it on and off like a tap. And that means threatening European governments who oppose him with outright political chaos in reply.

The Russian presence in Libya has been building for months. In the port cities, it comes in the shape of private military companies such as the Wagner and RSB groups, tough-guy contractors who, while not formally part of the Russian army, nonetheless work closely with Putin’s paramilitary GRU.

These contractors have also been seen in eastern Libya, near the border with Egypt, where they have been defending critical oil wells against Libya’s many armed militias. They have also been training Libyan troops and providing intelligence for the Libyan army.

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