A U.S. Navy burial flag is on its way home to its rightful owner after being earmarked as trash at a Denver storage business.

As the FOX31 Problem Solvers told you earlier this week, the state shut down the storage business leaving customers scrambling to save their belongings.

One of the men hired to clean out the business, Pete Mikilun, contacted FOX31 after discovering the flag.

“It’s a disgrace. It’s an insult,” Mikilun told Problem Solvers. “This belonged to a hero. A Chief Petty Officer.”

We tracked down the widow of the veteran the flag belongs to. Christine Rogers recently moved to Brookings, Oregon. The moving truck with her belongings arrived, but most of them were missing.

She was ecstatic to learn her husband’s flag had been found. Chief Petty Officer Larry Rogers served 25 years in the U.S. Navy.

“It means everything because it’s absolutely the only thing I have of memorabilia of our life together and his military time,” Christine Rogers told Problem Solvers. “I spent a whole day crying about it. It was devastating, but I had to tell myself you just have to let it go.”

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