Gender trumps facts.

Via Daily Wire:

A female student claimed a male student assaulted her while they lay next to each other on a bed one night after drinking. Just a few feet away, the man’s girlfriend and roommate were talking, and neither heard or saw anything corroborating the woman’s claims. The school suspended him anyway.

In a scathing ruling, Judge Donna D. Geck wrote how deficient the University of California-Santa Barbara’s (UCSB) investigative process was and ordered the school to reverse its decision against the male student.

“Here, a university held a hearing to determine whether a student violated its student code of conduct,” Geck wrote. “Noticeably absent was even a semblance of due process. When the accused does not receive a fair hearing, neither does the accuser.”

She contended that the male student, identified in court documents as John Doe, “was denied access to critical evidence; denied the opportunity to adequately cross-examine witnesses; and denied the opportunity to present evidence in his defense.”

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