He has lost that tingling feeling.

Via BPR:

MSNBC host Chris Matthews had advice for the Democratic Party on “Morning Joe” Thursday, but said Democrats no longer listen to him, because he’s too old.

Matthews was discussing voter demographics for the upcoming November midterms and claimed suburbia will vote against President Donald Trump’s agenda at the polls.

“It is the people in the suburbs that read the paper, that keep up. They watch this show in the morning on the way to work. They know what’s going on and they’re going to vote against Trump,” Matthews declared. “They don’t like him. They don’t like his style … He’s the bully in the schoolyard. They don’t like him.”

Matthew predicted suburban voters will get out to vote and deliver a win for Democrats across the board.

“Out west, in the red areas of the country it’s different. I think they’re more patriarchal out there,” he continued. “They don’t mind guys like Trump as much as the suburban people. Suburban people went to the suburbs to get away from this kind of violent behavior. They don’t like people pushing people around … My answer is, there’s going to be a big clean win for the Democrats like they thought they were going to get in ’16.”

Matthews advised Democrats to focus on the issues of Social Security and Medicare, but said they probably won’t take his advice because he’s from “yesterday.”

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