Even pictures of guns are bad.

Via Washington Examiner:

Should holding an unloaded gun at an off-campus event lead to questioning from college administrators?

This seems like an absurd question, but based on a report from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, that’s exactly what happened to Anand Venigalla, a student at Long Island University Post, a small liberal arts college close to New York City.

Venigalla, a junior, attended an event hosted by the popular sporting goods store, Cabela’s. That event was off-campus and unaffiliated with the university or his studies. After attending, he posted photos and videos of himself holding various firearms to his personal Facebook. All of the images are either of him clearly in the store or holding antique weapons under the supervision of an instructor.

Even for gun control activists, that’s pretty inoffensive.

Long Island University Post, however, didn’t see it like that. Instead, reportedly acting on a complaint from another student, administrators called Venigalla in to answer questions about his Facebook post.

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