Sacramento firefighters rescued two deer from a canal.

“A lot of times the deer will jump in at some point travel several miles,” said Chris Vestal, spokesman for the fire department.

It was a Rancho Cordova rodeo roundup inside a fenced canal to rein in these tired and thrashing hoofed animals.

“We think the buck was located about 3 miles from where they were first reported,” Vestal said.

“Typically they cannot make it out on their own, the canal is very steep on the sides,” said Holly Wagner, a firefighter for Sac Metro.

To the rescue came Sac Metro Fire teamed up with fish and wildlife by boat.

“When we got up to the doe she was very, very tired and came up to our direction almost asking for help,” Wagner said.

That help came from an unusual source.

“One of the rangers actually said, ‘Hey I have a lasso in my truck,’” Odestig said.

A skill two Sac Metro fire sisters, Wagner and Odestig, wrangled up years ago.

“My dad is a retired fire chief as well as a retired cattle rancher, so we’ve always had lassos around the house when we were young we would lasso each other, lasso stuff in the backyard,” Odestig said.

And just like that, the deer were lassoed and one by one pulled to safety.

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