Via Daily Caller:

On the same week Antifa protesters shut down a street corner, threatened drivers with physical harm, and vandalized cars in Portland, Oregon, Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters called President Donald Trump “a poster boy for what a mob protestor looks like.”

Waters appearing on MSNBC with Chris Hayes was asked to comment on a montage of several Fox News Commentators and Republican politicians calling protesters from the left “mob rule.”

Waters responded, “This president is the poster boy for what a mob protester looks like. He is matter of fact, he’s the one who has been violent in his speech. He’s the one in his rallies have said things like this, I’d like to punch him in the face. Trump said that at one of his rallies. He said knock the crap out of them, would you, and seriously, OK, just knock the hell. I mean, I promise I will pay the legal fees. That’s the kind of talk that he has done. That’s violent talk, we don’t have that kind of talk that have come from the women that are protesting.”