Only if they mistake her for Hogg.

Via Washington Times:

Parkland, Florida, shooting survivor and gun-control activist Emma González says that she now fears being recognized in public and driven off the road by gun enthusiasts.

A new Vanity Fair profile piece on the 18-year-old activist published Tuesday was promoted by the magazine on social media with a quote about her newfound fame.

“I’m still worried, when I drive down the road and I’m not wearing a hat, that someone with gun stickers on their car is going to recognize me and run me off the road,” she said in an exchange the magazine shared on Twitter.

“[The notoriety] does feel a little strange,” she added. “It’s not a bad thing though because it’s nice to know how expansive our message has gotten. If people are listening because they like the people who are delivering the message, that’s all the better because it means we’re doing our jobs, which is getting the message to everybody who needs to hear it. I never used to be afraid to have my head uncovered in public spaces. It’s not settling to have people recognize you and come up to you when your head is uncovered versus when it’s covered and nobody comes up to you. It’s a weird feeling. So if I wear a hat and sunglasses, not as many people recognize me.”

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