Is he high?

Via Free Beacon:

Former Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday defended the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D., Mass.) from multiple scandals, including abandoning the scene of a car accident resulting in his female passenger drowning and at least one sexual assault allegation, by saying he “stood up and owned moments where he knew he stepped over the line.”

Kerry, who formerly served as a senator in Massachusetts, appeared on CNN’s “The Lead,” where he discussed his new book, Every Day is Extra, and pushed back against host Jake Tapper’s question about whether Democrats have held people like Kennedy and former Democratic President Bill Clinton accountable for their actions.

Following an exchange about sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who has denied all claims, Tapper asked Kerry about Kennedy and Clinton.

“I’ve heard Ted Kennedy’s name invoked in the last week or two and Bill Clinton’s name invoked in the last week or two by conservatives saying Democrats seeded the moral high ground on a lot of these sexual assault and sexual harassment issues by standing by people like Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy because of the good things in their view that they did,” Tapper said.

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