Done during the Kavanaugh hearings.

Via Fox News:

California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed two bills Thursday that would have allowed noncitizens, including undocumented immigrants, to serve on state boards and commissions, and would have prevented immigration authorities from making arrests inside courthouses.

Brown’s actions come as California has sparred with the Trump administration over its perceived accommodation of illegal immigrants. An estimated 2 million people reside in the state illegally, the Orange County Register reported.

“Governance belongs to a nation’s citizens,” said Mike Spence, a councilman in the Southern California city of West Covina. “Even Jerry Brown understands citizenship has to mean something.”

Trump has voiced his frustration with California’s immigration policies, calling them “unconstitutional” and “illegal.” Several California cities have voted to opt out of the state’s sanctuary law.

Had Brown, a Democrat, signed SB-174, California would have been the first state in the country to allow legal residents and undocumented immigrants to serve on local and state boards that advise on policy areas such as employment and labor, the Register reported.

“I believe existing law, which requires citizenship for these forms of public service, is the better path,” Brown said in explaining his veto.

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