Obviously eager to talk.

Via Daily Caller:

Attorneys for Deborah Ramirez repeatedly declined to say whether their client would participate with a Senate Judiciary Committee investigation into her sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, emails obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation show.

The exchanges, which in some places suggest both sides were talking past one another, create significant doubt as to whether Ramirez will ever answer questions in a formal setting about her allegations.

The emails, which were traded between Sept. 23 and Sept. 25, show that the committee’s Republican lawyers asked Ramirez’s attorneys whether their client has other pieces of evidence, including statements, about the alleged Kavanaugh assault which did not appear in The New Yorker article detailing the accusation. GOP lawyers also asked whether Ramirez would cooperate with committee investigators.

“In response to the first question, there are certainly more witnesses than in the article,” Ramirez attorney John Clune replied. “That would be the benefit of an actual investigation conducted by the FBI. We don’t see how you can get to the root of the matter without that.”

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