Very easy to believe this idiot fell for it.

Via Red State:

The accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have really brought out the desperation from Democrats and their pet media, but this latest piece of news floating around about the Avanetti scandal may really highlight just how bad they need a win.

As Streiff wrote on Sunday, former Stormy Daniels lawyer Micahel Avanetti announced on Twitter that he had “credible information” surrounding the sexual behavior of Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge. So good was the evidence that Avenatti said that he was demanding the opportunity to testify in order to give the evidence to judiciary committee and that all confirmation proceedings should be halted.

So confident was Avanetti that he appeared on MSNBC to tell Rachel Maddow all about it, as Alex Parker highlighted, and trumpeted his witness as some kind of Kavanaugh killer. He played it up on Twitter like this would be the story of the year.

Then suddenly, Avenatti’s confidence began to slip and before we knew it, he had privatized his account. The obvious explanation was that something had blown up in his face, and he had gone into hiding. What it was, however, remained a mystery.

According to a user on 4Chan, he and his girlfriend were behind Avenatti’s claims about having a bombshell witness, only the entire thing was a total prank. As he highlights in his thread, the man and his girlfriend used burner phones to convince Avanetti that the girlfriend had sex with Kavanaugh and Judge at the same time. She tells Avenatti to call another number belonging to the boyfriend, who acts as a classmate of Kavanaugh’s from his high school days and confirms everything.

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