Update to this story.

Via Fox 5 DC:

A 74-year-old man has been pulled from the rubble, five days after a fire at a senior living center in Navy Yard, DC officials say.

The man was a resident of the building, and had been trapped in a second-floor apartment of the Arthur Capper Senior Building since the fire on Wednesday, officials say. His name has not yet been identified.

Mayor Bowser said in a press briefing Monday that the man was found by crews hired by the owner of the building. Inspectors say he had no way to get out. Crews reportedly had to use tools to pry open the apartment door, where they found the man inside.

Investigators say the building had no electricity, but the man was able to survive with water bottles he had in the apartment. He was found disoriented and dehydrated, but crews say he was in good spirits. He has reportedly been taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

DC Fire and EMS crews arrived on the scene Monday and were seen going into the building. According to officials, DC Fire investigators went to conduct a secondary search the day of the fire, after all hot spots were out, but did not finish the search after they found the building unstable.

DC officials say they had a manifest with the names of residents and said the day of the fire that everyone had been accounted for. Four residents were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries the day of the fire.

They say the man was checked off on their list as accounted for, but no one physically saw him.

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