Via Fox News:

When one Florida man turned 100, staffers at his favorite local Chick-fil-A took it upon themselves to go all-out for a surprise birthday celebration.

On September 21, Stephen Bellissimo visited the chicken-centric chain in Oldsmar, as is his weekly ritual, and was shocked to find the restaurant full of family, friends and decorations on his milestone birthday.

“Oh I think this just one great surprise for me. I didn’t expect anything like this,” the centenarian told Fox 13 of the festivities in his honor.MER ON RIDING LAWN MOWER IN DRIVE-THRU

According to the outlet, Bellissimo has been frequenting this same Chick-fil-A, which is roughly 6 miles outside Tampa, on a near daily basis, for the last 20 years. Known for “eating at the same booth virtually every day, ordering almost the same thing, and staying for several hours,” Bellissimo is a beloved regular, affectionately known as “Mr. Steve.”

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