A team of 911 dispatchers in Borger has a new four-legged friend that’s making their jobs a little easier— Sergeant Squelch.

Assistant Administrator for Municipal Court and Dispatch, Nicole Riggle, said the three-month old pup isn’t living in the average home, but has found his forever home with the dispatch team.

“He came from the Borger Animal Shelter. He was brought to us by one of the workers there, she was just bringing him by to kind of visit and it kind of just hit it off from there,” she said.

Squelch eats, plays and sleeps at the Borger Regional Communications Center.

“Between all of us we take him for walks, we take him out to go to the bathroom when he needs, he’s so good with that,” said Riggle. “He knows when to go to the door whenever it’s time. He needs to go, he’ll go to the door. There’s a little park behind our building and so he goes and plays, runs around. Some of us have brought our kids up here to play with him so he’s accustomed to kids and people.”

The dispatcher team in Borger answers 911 calls for all of Hutchinson County.

Riggle said Sergeant Squelch is a perfect fit for an atmosphere that can become highly stressful in an instant.

“Before him, the stress relief, you would just have to just have to get up and leave the room,” she said. “Because there’s calls that can come in and it can be nice and smooth and everything can change in the blink of an eye. You never know what your next call’s going to be.”

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