One way to foil the looters.

Via Daily Mail:

The residents of Hurricane Florence-stricken Wilmington, N.C., started cleaning up the mess left by 100 mph-winds and torrential rains Saturday morning – and went shopping.

At 10am., the word spread like wildfire that, despite wide-spread electrical outages, one measly grocery store was open in the entire historic port city of 120,000 residents.

And within minutes, several thousand people descended on the store, a Harris Teeter supermarket.

‘It was a mad house out here,’ said Wilmington Police Officer Don Oakes. ‘I don’t know how everybody heard the place was open, but the parking lot was at a standstill. When we saw the numbers of people, we called for backup for crowd control.’

And what were people, who were supposed to have prepared before the hurricane, looking for?

‘The essentials,’ said Oakes. ‘Cigarettes and beer and junk food.’

A line that was estimated to take three to four hours long stretched out of the store and around the building as Teeter managers let in a handful of people at a time. Nearly 15 cops made sure no one got out of control and hunted down impatient types jumping ahead in line.

‘We just want some water and s…,’ said Rayquan Robinson when police made him leave for cutting in line, something that made a group in line cheer for the officer.

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