She got caught getting hand signals from her coach which was not allowed. She smashed her racket which was not allowed and then she assailed the line judge. She deserved the penalties.

Via Daily Caller:

Tennis umpires are reportedly discussing a boycott of Serena Williams’ matches after the female tennis player accused a chair umpire of sexism.

Williams exploded on chair umpire Carlos Ramos during the finals match in the U.S. Open because he gave her multiple penalties throughout the match. Ramos gave Williams a warning for receiving coaching, a point penalty for smashing her racket and then another point penalty for verbal abuse. (RELATED: ‘Terrible Disservice To Women’s Rights’ — Here Are The Reactions To Serena Williams’ US Open Meltdown)

Now, other tennis umpires are banding together to support their colleague amidst a “lack of institutional support,” The Times UK reports.

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