Exactly what Democrats wanted by going after Trump on the issue. And now, this means kids will face greater dangers by being used by human smugglers to increase their chances of staying in the country.

Via Washington Times:

Illegal immigration across the southwest border surged last month as President Trump’s zero tolerance effort crumbled and smugglers and migrant families rushed to take advantage of renewed “catch-and-release” loopholes.

Border officials acknowledged a “crisis” as the number of families reached record levels, topping even the worst days of the Obama administration.

With a month still to go in this fiscal year the Border Patrol has already caught more than 90,000 “family units” of parents and children traveling together, higher than the approximately 77,700 nabbed in 2016.

Border officials expressed frustration at their lack of power to stem the flow, saying that until Congress or the courts impose serious penalties such as detention and swift deportation, the families and children are going to keep coming.

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