The 80’s called.

Via WJ:

The economy is booming, GDP is growing, the stock market is soaring, hitting historic high while unemployment rates hit historic lows. Job-stifling regulations are being eliminated. Homeland security is improved due to strict immigration policy and border protection. United States energy dominance and independence are boosted. Significant achievements are being made in the promotion of the international fair trade. The list of achievements of the Trump administration is long.

What should we do to this president, though? Impeach him, of course — according to Democrats. Because of Russia … or something.

Democrats say it was Russia who stole the elections in 2016 when they hacked the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign emails and exposed their shortcomings. Well, apparently it was not only Russia that was “responsible” for the Democrat candidate’s defeat — it was also the FBI, the DNC, white men, women, Bernie supporters, independents, political journalists, WikiLeaks, President Obama, TV coverage of the campaign…

Now, on the eve of the midterm election, the Democrats are summoning the Russian boogeyman back to the political discourse.

Conspiracy Theories as a Part of the Left’s Mythology

The logic of the Democrats is quite predictable, and the creation of an “enemy” image and its evil plots have become a favorite technique of their propaganda. As the left does not have any rational counterarguments to the effectiveness of Trump’s policies, they use deception and try to scare people.

How does this method work? The growth of the social and emotional discomfort caused by the spread of fear of real or fictitious threats, allows, firstly, to consolidate consumers on a myth around a political leader of the party who promises protection against those threats.

Secondly, it diverts people’s attention from the other issues, including, for example, shortcomings of the Democrat’s policies, sex scandals, violence of the left, etc. Also, the “conspiratorial” mythology aims to diminish the achievements of the rival party in the eyes of the voters — if the Trump administration serves Russia, then everything that it does can’t benefit America.

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