True socialist, always taking other people’s money.

Via Daily Caller:

The latest headache for Democratic Socialist darling Julia Salazar includes the uncovering of documents showing she was arrested in 2011 on suspicion of trying to access the bank account of the former wife of retired baseball all-star Keith Hernandez.

Salazar was also accused of stealing over $13,000 in cash and goods from the home of Kai Hernandez.

The news was first reported Thursday by The Daily Mail, which provided legal documents showing a civil complaint made by Kai Hernandez in 2013.

According to the Daily Mail, Salazar house-sat for Kai Hernandez in 2010. When she returned to her home in Jupiter, Florida, Kai Hernandez told police that Salazar had stolen $11,800 in cash, $1,175 in Pottery Barn vouchers and $950 in wine.

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