Weren’t Democrats just claiming the market on civility this weekend? Protip: when they have to take the children out because you’re being violently uncivil, you don’t have moral authority.

Via Daily Mail:

Brett Kavanaugh’s daughters were escorted from his confirmation hearing on Tuesday as protestors drowned out senators with shouts against PresidentDonald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee filling the room.

One by one, the protestors took turns shouting and being removed by U.S. Capitol Police as Kavanaugh’s hearing got off to a contentious start.

A Republican senator described the hearing as ‘mob rule’ while another GOP senator complained about being shouted down, asking for the ‘loudmouth’ to be removed.

Kavanaugh’s children were escorted out of the hearing room, according to a reporter in the room.

Daughters Margaret and Liza had joined Kavanaugh and his wife Ashley at the hearing’s start with younger daughter Liza holding Kavanaugh’s hand as he entered the room.

Kavanaugh was supposed to introduce his family early on in the hearing but the interruptions from protestors and senators delayed that part of the proceedings.

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