Time to get the show on the road and get Kavanaugh confirmed.

Via Townhall:

The American Bar Association, an organization historically accused of liberal bias, has given President Donald J. Trump’s most recent Supreme Court nominee a unanimous well-qualified rating according to their report released today.

The American Bar Association has long been known for its liberal biases while giving out ratings of well-qualified, qualified, or not qualified for federally nominated judges. In 2009, President Obama restored the associations status which allowed it receives early information on soon-to-be federally nominated judges. The theory was that the ABA, which is supposed to be ideologically neutral, could then rank these nominated judges with the aforementioned score guide to help guide senators in whether or not they supported a nominee for a federal judgeship.

At the time during President Obama’s first year in office, studies found “indications that liberal nominees do better in the process than conservative ones. The latest, to be presented next month at the Midwest Political Science Association, found evidence consistent with ideological bias.

‘Holding all other factors constant,’ the study found, ‘those nominations submitted by a Democratic president were significantly more likely to receive higher A.B.A. ratings than nominations submitted by a Republican president.'”

Over the next eight years, their bias was so bad that Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) penned an op-ed haranguing the association for pretending to be neutral when in reality they are anything but and encouraging fellow senators ti ignore their recommendations.

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