Obama million dollar deal and Susan Rice on the board, and this is what Netflix puts out.

Via Daily Wire:

The show “Insatiable” on Netflix has taken a lot of heat from leftists for its supposed fat-shaming, but the critics seem to have overlooked the show’s near-diabolical attack on Christians, with one episode stooping to nearly unprecedented lows by having a choir of girls sing a sexually-charged song about Jesus.

The episode focused on an event called the “Miss Magic Jesus Pageant” that showed teen girls singing a “worship” song with disgusting lyrics that ask the Holy Spirit to “please ride me…deep, deep, deep in my Hoooo…ly Father.”

Wearing white choir robes, the girls dance in gyrations meant to elicit sexual innuendo as they sing about Jesus and the Holy Spirit having sexual intercourse with them. Here are just some of the lyrics provided by MRC:

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