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Via Daily Caller:

The House Committee on Ethics approved a defense fund that allows California Democratic Rep. Tony Cardenas to receive up to $5,000 annually from donors to cover legal costs for a molestation allegation against him.

Cardenas was accused of drugging and molesting a 16-year-old girl whose father worked for him at the time in 2007, when he was a Los Angeles City Council member, according to reports by Politico. The girl, who was a rising golfer, went with the Democratic lawmaker to a golfing event and collapsed after drinking a glass of water that Cardenas gave her, which she recalls “tasted distinctly different from both tap and filtered water.” (RELATED: Mystery Politician Accused Of Assaulting Teen Outs Himself, Denies Accusations)

The girl alleged that en route to the hospital, Cardenas touched her breasts and genitals. She did not tell anyone because she feared his power and influence in the community, according to Politico.
Because the incident happened before Cardenas became a congressman, it may not be fodder for investigation by the Ethics Committee. However, because the accuser’s father was employed by the congressman, that may give the committee means to probe further, although it is unclear if they will.

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