A neglected horse that was found wandering the streets has formed a bond with a golden retriever at an animal rescue shelter in Union County.

Darlene Kindle, with the Carolina Equine Rescue and Assistance in Wingate, said she received a call from a shelter in South Carolina about Sammy in late July.

Sammy is a silver dapple mini horse who the SC shelter found wandering the streets.

Kindle says the shelter director advised that Sammy needed help immediately or he would be euthanized.

“We score horses on a scale of one to ten, he was a two. Approximately four-six years old with possible a birth defect on his hind,” Kindle said.

She spoke to the vet who was treating Sammy and asked him several questions.

“My last question to him was ‘does he have the will to live in his eyes?’ He immediately said yes, and my response ‘I will take him,” Kindle said.

Kindle says the vet was very surprised and pleased with her answer.

Sammy arrived in Union County on Friday, Aug. 3.

Kindle says he was skin and bones and had difficulty walking, but the minute he came off the trailer his head dropped and enjoyed the grass.

The shelter bathed him, dewormed him and kept a very close eye on him.

“He thrived to live and I was going to give him all I had to make him happy and healthy again,” Kindle said.

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