The actor who complains Trump ‘illegitimately elected’ encourages voter fraud.

Via Daily Wire:

Actor Peter Fonda, who last made headlines when he said he wanted to “rip Barron Trump from his mother” and put him in a “cage with pedophiles,” is back in the headlines again.

This time, Fonda suggests Democrats commit voter fraud so they can win elections. Oh, and mail fraud, or theft, or some sort of other serious crime.

Responding to a follower on Twitter who expressed concern that “only 21 percent” of millennials voted in the last election, Fonda wrote: “Then we have to take them by the hand and lead them to the water and teach them to drink! If you have a millennial in your family, take their early ballots, fill them out and mail them in, or take the ballot to the voting place and give it to the officials… no more worrying!”

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